Theory and Practical Exercises of System Dynamics
by Juan Martín García
Preface by John Sterman

1. Basic Concepts
2. System Dynamics
2.1. System Dynamics
2.2. Identifying the problem
2.3. Defining the System
2.4. The boundaries of a System
2.5. The Causal Diagram
2.6. Feedback
2.7. The Limiting Factor
2.8. The Key Factors
2.9. Classification of Systems
2.9.1. Stable and Unstable Systems
2.9.2. Hyperstable Systems
2.9.3. Oscillating Systems
2.9.4. Sigmoidal Systems
2.10. Generic Structures
2.10.1. Resistance to Change
2.10.2. Erosion of Objectives
2.10.3. Addiction
2.10.4. Shifting the Burden to the External Factor
2.10.5. Short and Long-Term Effects
3. Building a Model
3.1. Flow Diagrams
3.2. Computer Simulation
3.3. Behaviour of the Model
3.4. Analysis of the System
3.5. Weaknesses of Models
4. Practical Exercises
Environmental Area
4.1. Population Growth
4.2. Modeling the Ecology of a Natural Reserve
4.3. Effects of the Intensive Farming
4.4. The Fishery of Shrimp
4.5. Rabbits and Foxes
4.6. A Study of Hogs
4.7. Ingestion of Toxins
4.8. The Barays of Angkor
Management Area
4.9. Production and Inventory
4.10. CO2 Emissions
4.11. How to work more and better
4.12. Faults
4.13. Project Dynamics
4.14. Innovatory Companies
4.15. Quality Control
4.16. The impact of a Business Plan
Social Area
4.17. Filling a Glass
4.18. Dynamics of a Segmented Population
4.19. The Young Ambitious Worker
4.20. Development of an Epidemic
4.21. The Dynamics of Two Clocks
Mechanical Area
4.22. The Tank
4.23. Study of the Oscillatory Movements
4.24. Design of a Chemical Reactor
4.25. The mysterious Lamp
5. Guide to Create a Model
6. Conclusion
I. Functions, Tables and Delays
II. Frequently Asked Questions FAQs
III. Training Courses
IV. Software
V. Bibliography
VI. Acknowledgements

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