Theory and Practical Exercises of System Dynamics


The book 'Theory and Practical Exercises of System Dynamics' contains a description of the concepts of this methodology and a group of 24 practical exercises in the areas of management, environment, physics, and social systems.

Students can find in this book a clear explanation of the basic concepts of System Dynamics and the process of building models following step by step the exercises, and also how to use the recent improvements of the educational software. The book has been written in a very comprehensible style and it contains more than 200 figures and model illustrations.

With this book the student of System Dynamics is able to:

1. Describe the components of a complex system.
2. Diagnose the natural evolution of the system under analysis.
3. Create a model of the system and present it using the simulation software.
4. Carry out simulations with the model, in order to predict the behavior of the system."

This book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students with or without professional experience.

Only basic computer skills are needed. No statistical or specific mathematical education is required.

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