Theory and Practical Exercises of System Dynamics


The book 'Theory and Practical Exercises of System Dynamics' is a basic introduction to one of the most widely used modeling methodologies. The book contains a description of the concepts of System Dynamics and a group of 24 practical exercises in the areas of management, environment, physics, and social systems.

Professionals can use this book in different ways, for example the exercises can be used to teach System Dynamics to their colleagues, because the content of the book is specially designed for beginners, and it show step by step the process of building models and how to use the educational software. It is specially appropriate for professionals new to modelling because the contents has been elaborated trying to avoid unnecessary materials. The book has been written in a very comprehensible style and it contains more than 200 figures and model illustrations.

This book allows the reader to acquire, in a time-efficient and uncomplicated manner, knowledge in the formation and construction of dynamic models. Many times, the models are performed with minimal current data and very few historical data. The simulation models that the reader will design in this book accommodate these analyses, with the construction of realistic hypotheses and elaborate behavior models. That's done with the help of software that facilitates the construction of the models as well as performing model simulations. Only basic computer skills are needed. No statistical or specific mathematical education is required.

The content of this course can be applied in many areas. In the business world, these topics are mainly used to address issues related to Strategic Plannig, Business Planning, Leadership Developement, Strategic Marketing and Sales, Organization Redesign, Process Improvement, Implementation of operational plans. In general to build and sustain high performance over the long term, and ensure successful implementation of changes.

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