System Dynamics


Ron Van Buskirk
"I really enjoyed your course a lot. I liked how you presented the exercises in a progressive manner that made it really easy to pick up on using system dynamics."

Malamati Nikolaos Vernadaki
"I am happy that I finished the course successfully but sad that my course is finished.
I have to admit that it was the most interesting course I have participate in my life!.
I am so excited that in such a little time I have learned how a model works and it's possibilities in life. Everything I did was something new, and as I learned more, the more interesting the course became!
I've learned how to think globally and to relate the variables so that I will have the result that I want."

Jo„o Ferreira Dias
Congratulations to you and your team about the SD course. The texts, specially your books, are very well written and the selected exercises progressivelly allow to understand how to do SD modelling, as well as to know how to worlk with Vensiom software. And your immediate answer to all my emails, some of them late at night or on sundays!, encouraged me to work more. Thanks!

Sabina Kuntner
"I liked the speed at which I received answers to my questions, the accuracy in replying to each aspect I enquired about, and the personal touch (the humor) that made taking part at this course very entertaining. Also you are very good at incouraging students, and reassuring them that they are doing a good job. "

Mark Mifsud
"1. The course was quite interesting. It built up slowly until the computer software simulation. 2. Excellent email facilities. 3. Excellent availibility of tutor. 4. I think the course takes more than the suggested 20 hours. "

Andrea Bassi
"To sum up i can say that the most positive aspects of the course are:
- your service (fast reply, good explaination of the exercices);
- the possiblity to install and use software of simulation;
- the presence of different levels of difficulty in the exercices;
- the material in the cd-rom."

Christian Longet
"I think the main interest of this method is that it leads to consider real problems in a different way (at least for me), to understand the behaviour even if we miss some aspects and to be able to draw the key points which are influential. Especially when we come from a scientific activity in the industry, we like to play with obvious and real items, like measurements, statistical data and so on. Most of the time we focus on this and try to find a solution by using classical methods. And sometimes it doesn't work! Because we forgot or we miss something. Now, very often, when I'm thinking about something I find oneself considering it using system dynamics method, and I'm surprised to see how we can handle the problem differently and better understand it, even without building a model."

Karen Cordero
"Juan, I FINISHED IT! Only a few gliches, but I worked it out! WOW, it works too! I even played around with some of the data to change the graphs, you can manipulate just about everything! So, can man truly identify the factors that influence and effect the environment in just about every facet?? ABSOLUTELY! Not only can we manipulate data, but we can manipulate true-life circumstances by ruining ecosystems as well as try to conserve and save them! This is really interesting! "

Suzana Andonova
Rep. Macedonia
"It was a pleasure working with you and having you available almost 24 hours a day. For me this was a new experience and it is true that it makes you to start thinking on many details in different way, to observe the problem from completely different point of view, with a new approach in finding a solution for it. There were many questions that were coming in my mind during building models in this course, but most of them were very soon clarified through the modeling work and researching the available literature that was given on the CD. "

Reinhard Simon
"Well, long time ago I was a university teacher for many years, Iíve got some experience in this job. So I must say, it is a very good course, no doubt about it, in the theoretical part as well as in the practical tasks. There are didactically well structured explanations followed by very skilfully put questions. These questions cannot be answered by simply reproducing of what is written in the textbook or in other sources. They force the student to think, which in turn increases the efficiency of learning to huge extends. Very good indeed, Juan, youíre an excellent teacher!"

Evi Mattheopoulou
"I can certainly say that the course seems to have been next-to-perfect organized leading even the least aware of SD student from the easiest level to more complicated ones and this is done in the smoothest possible way, so that no student could be discouraged or ineffective. It can undoubtedly provide the necessary and sufficient knowledge in SD for further expansion."

Joachim Block
"Now, after I've completed the course "System Dynamics" I feel able to model real world problems within my field of interest (strategic management) on my own. Your course gave me tools and insights at hands to use "System Dynamics" for decsion making in a complex and constantly changing environment. As this wasn't my first online course I can say this course ranks under the three best online courses I've taken. The main reasons are the homework in form of exercises which forced me to think deeply about "System Dynamics" and your extraordinary assistance. But what's more important and which shows that a course is really good is when the learned things can be used shortly after the completion of the course. Needless to say I'll use the learned things immediately within the following weeks. Because I'm actually designing some strategy maps, "System Dynamics" will help me a lot.".

Davide Rossi
"I'm very pleased of the result! I can tell you that it was a very well conceived course and I've learned a lot from you. The more positive aspect of the course I think is its flexibility, especially for professionals like me....I was able to manage this course among a thousand of other thing, and it is great !! "