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En el CD del curso el alumno puede encontrar una selección de los mejores trabajos publicados recientemente como bibliografia complementaria a los casos prácticos del programa del curso. Con frecuencia los trabajos incluyen el modelo desarrollado, en caso contrario es necesario solicitarlo al propio autor.



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19_13 Evaluating The Impact Of System Dynamics Based Learning Environments: Preliminary Study. Dean Christensen
19_21 A Simulation Methodology Unifying System Dynamics And Business Objects. Andreas Gregoriades
19_28 Hybrid Modelling: System Dynamics Combined With Multi-Criteria Analysis. Cathy Macharis
19_31 Object Oriented Extensions To System Dynamics. Magne Myrtveit
19_33 Object Oriented Design Patterns And System Dynamics Components. Warren Tignor
20_10 Advancing the Frontiers of System Dynamics Through Higher Order of Paradox. Sadruddin Boga.
20_49 System Thinking by Stealth: How to 'Wash the Great Unwasted'? Dennis Sherwood.
21_2 System Dynamics at the Design-Science Interface. Henk Akkermans
21_21 Modeling Real Options to Switch Among Alternatives. David Ford
21_60 Modeling the Forest or Modeling the Trees. Nadine Schieritz.
05_01 System Dynamics Modeling. Tools for learning in a Complex World. John Sterman
05_02 Presentations that can Captivate Mind and Soul. Nicholas Georgantzas
05_03 Bathtub Dynamics. Initial Results of a System Thinking Inventory. Linda Booth.
05_04 An exemplified description of System Dynamics. Small events that can have large consequences. Mario de Santis
05_05 What is Cybernetics ? Stafford Beer
14_16 Pensée Systémique er dévelopement durable. Honorato Teissier
17_07 Testing the use of a System Dynamics Model for Improving Public Participation. Case Las Vegas Water System. Sarah Williams Cloud
19_12 A Methodological Framework For Integrating Systems Thinking And System Dynamics. Robert Cavana
20_49 System Thinking by Stealth: How to 'Wash the Great Unwasted'? Dennis Sherwood.


19_4 Project Performance Corporation The Doing Of Model Verification And Validation: Balancing Cost And Theory. Geoffrey Back
19_5 Structure-Oriented Behavior Tests In Model Validation. Yaman Barlas
19_20 Implementing Formal Model Analysis. Paulo Gonçalves
19_23 Options In Source Code Documentation. Donald Habib
19_24 Business Modeling Process. Shoji Hidaka
19_29 System Dynamics Practice In A Non-Ideal World: Modelling Defence Preparedness. Alan Mc. Lucas
20_6 Quick and Rigorous, Strategic and Participative: 12 Ways to Improve on the Expected Tradeoffs. Carlos Ariza.
20_20 Policy Optimization in Dynamic Models with Genetic Algorithms. Björn Grossmann.
20_27 Is Explicit Information Important for Performance in System Dynamics? Eva Jensen.
21_32 Constructing Numerical Reference Modes from Sparse Time Series. Peter Hovmand.
21_33 Another Modeling Approach: using a Novice to Do the Job - Courage to Take a Risk and You Will Have a Star ! Chia-Ming Hsu
21_48 Lessons From Simple Stock and Flow Models. Roderick MacDonald
21_58 Methodological Problems in the Formulation and Validation of System Dynamics Models Incorporating Soft Variables. Santanu Roy



20_7 A Scoping and Consensus Building Model for Understanding the Dynamics of a Blue-Green Algae Bloom. Steven Arquitt.
02_01 Public Policy Timeliness to Disruptive Innovation in Biotechnology: Information Feedback and the Regulation of Balancing Loops. L. Martin Cloutier.


10_01 Modeling the Management of Clam Exploitation in the Basque Country (Northern Spain) Angel Borja
01_01 Environmental sustainability in an agricultural development project. A system dynamics approach. Ali Keren Saysel.
01_02 Modelling the grazing system of the "pampa humeda argentina" Carlos M. Méndez Acosta.
01_03 A physical and economic evaluation of Argentina's beef production systems. Mª Isabel Alonso Magdaleno.
01_04 The wine chain in Argentina. Influence of the Production - Consumption dynamics. Maria Clara Zamora
01_05 Simulation model of the profitability in ranches of Taumalipan shrub of Coahuila by effect of the ratio bovine. Bartolo Romo-Díaz
01_06 A dynamic model of crop growth and partitioning of biomass. D. Connor
03_01 Forest, Acidification and the Socio-economic Cost. Christer Kalen
03_02 Dynamic of Illegal Logging System in Indonesia: An initial Investigation. Richard G.Dudley
03_03 Exploring the Dynamics of Economics and Ecological Sustainability in the Northen Forest. Don Seville
03_04 A Dynamic Model of crop growth and partitioning of biomass. D. Connor
03_05 The Maple Sap Products Industry in Quebec. An Economic and Production System Dynamic Model. L. Martin Cloutier
20_9 Studying a Multi-Dimensional ProblemUsing System Dynamics: The Case of Sustainability in the Semi-Arid Argane Forest in Morocco. Salim Belyazid.
20_15 Long Term Consequences of Genetically Modified Crops in Agriculture. Gokhan Dogan.
20_22 The Dynamic Spatial Simulation Modeling of the Effects of Land Use Change on Avian Species. Burak Güneralp.
20_31 A Simulation Study of Domestic Rice Distribution Under New Japanese Food Law of 1994. Tatehiko Miki.
20_40 State Policies on Self-Sufficiency in Agricultural Section of Iran. Jamshid Parvizian.
21_3 Boom and Bust Shrimp Aquaculture. Steven Arquitt
21_18 A Basis for Understanding Fishery Management Complexities. Richard Dudley
21_41 Policy and Outcome Contrasts in the Evaluation of the Effects of Structural Change in Swiss Mountain Agriculture. Birgit Kopainsky
21_55 Dairy Policy and Price Volatility. Charles F.Nicholson
10_02 A Basin Management Cumulative Impact Model. Kathleen O'Neil.
10_03 El Embalse de Cachinche. F. Soto
10_04 Modelo para la explotación de la almeja en el estuario de Plentzia. Angel Borja
10_05 The Use of System Dynamics in a Large Scale System Engineering Effort: Case Study of the Deep Water Project. Evan Ellis.
10_06 Modelling a wetland for sustainable management. Ulubat Lake. Burak Guneralp.
17_09 Preliminary Development of a Web-based Learning Environment for the Las Vegas Water Model. Richard E. Little.
17_10 Using System Dynamics to Evaluate and Comunicate the Effects of Water Management Strategies in Las Vegas (Nevada). Krystina Stave
17_17 Reindeer husbandry: A practical decision-tool for adaptation of herds to rangelands. Erling Moxnes
01_08 Modelo de la Piscifactoria de del Iujo Guanarito (Venezuela) Daniel Alejandro Almau Trenard
30_352 The Dynamics of Agricultural Commodities and Their Responses to Disruptions of Considerable Magnitude . Conrad, Stephen .
30_412 Modeling the Irrigation System in Egypt. Gharib, Sameh
30_377 Productivity Challenges of Food Manufacturing: A System Dynamics Analysis of Demand Uncertainty and Value of Time. Helo, Petri.


17_02 Global Scenarios to 2020. Shell
20_34 Environmental Carrying Capacity of the Seoul Metropolitan Area: Estimation, Implication and Limitations. Taehoon Moon.
20_48 Short Versus Long-Term Dynamics: The Example of Ecological Management. Markus Schwaninger.
20_50 Decision Rules and assumptions in Overexploitation of Renewable Resources. Jeroen Struben.
09_01 Como generar un sistema de indicadores socio-demográfico y ambiental. Edith Guttman
09_02 Indicators for Monitoring Integration of Environment and Sustainable Development in Enterprise Policy. Julia Hertin
14_01 Institutional Sustainability Indicators. An Analysis of the Institutions in Agenda 21 and Draft Set of Indicators for Monitoring their effectivity. Joachim Spangenberg
20_29 System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions. Miroljub Kljajic
14_05 T21 China. An Initial Application and Analysis. Weishuang Qu
14_06 Simulation game for regional sustainable development planning. D.N. Kavtaradze
14_04 The Bridge to Humanity's Future. A System Dynamics Perspective on the Environmental Crisis and its Resolution. William Fey
14_07 Simulating dynamic carrying capacity of the Ocelandic environment for land ise in relation to past and future climatic fluctuations. Hordun Haraldson
14_08 Codigo de Gobierno para la Empresa Sostenible. Miguel A. Rodriguez
14_09 Variables, Indicadores, Indices. Barbara Suereda.
14_10 A Step by step System Dynamics Modelling of Sustainability. Kaoru Yamaguchi.
14_11 Sowing and Tending Seeds of Change in a Field of Stone.Larry Smith
14_12 Modelling Sustainable Development: System Dynamics and Input-Output approaches. I. Moffatt
14_13 Coordinative Development of the Social Systems by System Dynamics Modelling. Qingrui Xu
14_14 Estudio para la integración de las politicas gubernamentales hacia un Desarrollo Sostenible. Juan Martin Garcia
14_17 Dynamics of Social Development. Diego Gómez
14_18 Diagnóstico ambiental de Salamayuca. Martha Gómez
17_16 Risk-Averse Water Allocation Policies in Semi-Arid Regions. David N. Ford
17_08 Ecologia Industrial como herramienta para una planificación del desarrollo. Ramón Pastor
17_04 Is ecological living sustainable ? Hordur haraldson.
17_05 Is ecological living sustainable ? a case study from two Swedish villages in South Sweden. Hordur Haraldson
17_06 Simulating dynamic carrying capacity of the Icelandic environment for land use in relation to past and future climatic fluctuations. Hordur Haraldson.
30_376 Dynamics of Food-Prey-Predator Systems and Agricultural Practices. Mediavilla, Margarita with Luis Miguel, Ali Saysel.
30_110 Global Warming and Gaia Theory: A Systems Approach. Sherwood, Dennis.


19_11 Social Learning Laboratory For Urban Sustainability. Enrique Campos Lopez
20_21 Economic Effects of Decentralization of Government with People Empowerment: An International Comparison of Four Asian and European Rural Localities. Peter B. Grubenmann
21_5 Models for National Planning. Gerald Barney
21_7 A Sustainability Assessment of the Urban Rehabilitation Project. Salim Belyazid
21_19 Latin and South America: A Case Study of Emergent Geopolitical Viruses. Evan Ellis
21_42 Methods of Communication in Urban Planning and Development. Lubomir Kostron.
21_43 System Dynamics of Optimal Commencement Timing for Office Building Construction. Max Kummerow
21_57 A Dynamic Model of Spatial Planning in Metroplotan Areas. Jaziar Radianti.
14_02 Análisis sistémico de la creación de un corredor de integración vial. Caso Brasil-Venezuela. Bronson Davila
14_03 System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions. Miroljub Kljajic
14_15 Feedback Approach for the Dynamic Interactions Between Urban Transportation and Air Pollution. Choi Nam Hee
16_01 Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration. David Ford.
16_02 Strategic Study and Dynamics Decision for Development Program of City Housing. Feng Xiven
17_13 Modelling Functional Quality of Rigid Pavements Systems During its Life Cycle, A Systemic Approach. David Garcés
17_18 Modeling Geographic Dispersion in an Urban Area. Nathan Forrester.
20_25 Solutions to Improve Performance in the UK House Building Supply Chain: The Use of A System Dynamics Model. Séverine Hong-Minh.
20_26 A System Dynamics Model for the UK Private House Building Supply Chain. Séverine Hong-Minh.
30_292 Extreme Event Policy Analysis: Identifying Stakeholders and Preferences for Natural Hazard Mitigation Policies. Deegan, Michael.
30_238 Analyzing Stakeholder Dynamics in Environmental Conflict: A New Zealand Transport Infrastructure Project. Elias, Arun with Robert Cavana, Laurie Jackson
30_289 Simulating the Urban Transformation Process in the Haaglanden Region, the Netherlands. Eskinasi, Martijn with Etiënne Rouwette .
30_119 Spatial Urban Dynamics and a Vision of the Future of Urban Dynamics: Forrester Revisited. Sanders, Peter with Frank Sanders.


20_14 A System Dynamics Analysis of the Westray Mine Disaster. David Cooke.
20_28 Alternative Modeling Approaches: A Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry. Scott T. Johnson.
20_36 Repeated Overshoot and Collapse Behavior: An Example from the Petroleum Industry. Paul Newton.
08_03 Dynamics of Oil Price in the World Market. Ali N. Mashayekhi.
11_01 The application of System Dynamics Theory to the Chacking and Ratifying of the Mine Production Capacity. Feng Xiwen
11_02 System Dynamics in Resource Management: A Sustainable Development Aproach To Resource Extradition in Sierra Leone. Jonathan Bonopha Tengle
14_19 Desarrollo de una región minera. Jorge Orellana
17_12 Dynamics of Oil Price in the World Market. Ali N. Mashayekhi


21_35 System Dynamic Modeling of Engineered Landfill Covers. Jacob Jacobson
06_01 Modelling and Analysis of Environmental Pollution in an Integrated Stell Plant. K. Vizayakumar.
12_01 Efectos de la aglomeración de basura en Ciudad Obregón (Sonora-México) Aplicación de la metodología de Sistemas Suaves y Dinámica de Sistemas. Ernesto A. Lagarda
12_02 The Challenge of Pursuing a System Dynamics Approach in Analyzing Complex Natural Systems: Example of Solid Waste Landfills. Michael Shelley



19_3 Building A Sustainable Strategic Advantage In The Third Millennium: A Case Method Approach. Jay Azriel
19_10 Do Numerical Simulation And Optimization Results Improve Management? Experimental Evidence. Erling Moxnes
19_19 Limits To Growth On The New Economy: An Exploration Of The Get Big Fast Strategy In Dot.Com's. Martin Giese
19_26 Simulation Of Qualitiative Models To Support Business Scenario Analysis. Karl Lang
20_1 Developing a Balanced Scorecard with System Dynamics. Henk Akkermans.
20_11 Entrepreneurial Personal Drive Becoming a Limit to the Company Potential: An Organizational Dynamics Perspective from a UK Technology Start-up Case. Francesco Burelli.
20_16 A Dynamic Theory of the Service Management: Implications for Managing Service Improvements Avoiding the 'Service Jungle'. Heiko Gebauer
20_17 Play with the Ants to Understand CASOS. Nicholas Georgantzas.
20_18 When Do Minor Shortages Inflate to Great Bubbles? Paulo Gonçalves
20_23 A Generic Tool Based on a System Dynamics Approach to Assess SME Business Stability and Help Designing Business Tactics and Action Plans within Transient, Non-Stationary Conditions. Mohamed Haroon.
20_32 A Dynamic Model for the Development of New Technologies for Ship Systems. Pavinder Monga.
20_42.-System Approach to Business Rules. Veerendra K.Rai.
21_12 Economic Dynamics in Mobile Service Industry. Yueping Chen
21_13 An Application of a System Dynamics Model to Evaluate Information and System Performance. Ik Jae Chung
21_14 A distributed System Dynamics-Based Framework for Modeling Virtual Organizations. Bryan Conneely
21_20 A Conceptual Model of Operating Internet-based B2C Business in fast-growing Industries. Yulin Fang
21_22 The Dynamics of Resource Sharing and Organizational Slack in the Growing Multibusiness Firm. Michael Shayne
21_23 A Simulation Based Approach to Understanding the Dynamics of the Transition from Product Manufacturer to Service Provider. Heiko Gebauer
21_29 Acquiring Higher-Order Knowledge Using the System Dynamics Approach in Teaching Business Subjects. Stefanie Hillen
21_50 On the Relation between System Dynamics and Soft Systems Methodology in Consulting. Stephen McIntosh
21_54 System Dynamics in Six Sigma Practice. Paul Newton.
21_59 Development of Multiplayer Games through Group Modeling. Morten Ruud.
21_61 Linking Balanced Scorecard to System Dynamics. Frank Schoeneborn.
30_149 From Ivory Towers to Learning Organizations: The Role of System Dynamics in the "Managerialization" of Academic Institutions. Barnabé, Federico
30_359 Is Your Organization Collegiality-Challenged?: A Case Study Demonstrating the Effect of Unconscious Gender Bias. Campbell, Deborah with Peter Hovmand
30_305 Corporate Restructuring Dynamics: A Case Study Analysis. Kemper, Andreas with Florian Khuen.


19_16 A System Dynamics Analysis Of The Effects Of Capacity Limitations In A Multi-Level Production Chain. Jorn W. Ewaldt
19_18 System Dynamics Analysis Of Stability During Non-Equilibrium Stage In Physical Distribution. Yoshitoku Fukunaga
20_12 Banking Back Office Processing Behavior: Considerations on a Process Activity Managed by Capacity Saturation Policies. Francesco Burelli.
21_39 Behavioral Causes of the Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chains. Elena Katok
21_26 Information Sharing to Reduce Fluctuations in Supply Chains: A Dynamic Feedback Approach. Baris Gunduz
30_255 Warehouse Optimization in an Uncertain Environment. Kljajic, Miroljub with Davorin Kofjac, Andrej Škraba, Valter Rejec.
30_311 Simulating the Evolution of Industries Using a Dynamic Behavioral Model. Kunc, Martin.
30_251 Modeling Modern Maintenance: A System Dynamics Model Analyzing the Dynamic Implications of Implementing Total Productive Maintenance. Thun, Jörn-Henrik.
30_221 A Simulation Model for Organizational Evolution. Wang, Wei Yang with Yi Ming Tu.
30_403 A Dynamic Diffusion Model for Managing Customer's Expectation and Satisfaction. Yeon Seung-Jun with Sang-Hyun Park, Sang-Wook Kim, Won-Gyu Ha .
30_232 A Critical Review of the Use of System Dynamics for Organizational Consultation Projects. Zock, Alexander with Michael Rautenberg .


20_24 Business Transformation Success Dynamics: It's the Communication. Mark Heffernan.
20_39 Design of Information Systems: Simulating the Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer Throughout the Systems Analysis Phase. Peter A. Otto
21_38 Understanding the Dynamics of Information System Use. Shivraj Kanungo
30_268 Understanding the Learning Process in Work Groups. Lizeo, Elaine.


19_7 How To Define A Profitable And Sustainable Growth Policy In A Changing Market: A Case Study: A Small Publishing Company. Enzo Bivona
20_13 Building a Sustainable, In-House System Dynamics Capability: How an Internal System Dynamics Group Can Develop a Distinctive Service and Become an Enduring Component of the Company's Operations. Adolfo Canovi.
20_19 Policies Influencing the Diffusion of Instant Messaging. Andreas Grobler.
21_10 Service Quality and Customer Abandonment. Massimiliano Caramia
21_36 An Examination of the Timing of Investments for Pay TV Operators. Daniel Jarosch
21_49 System Dynamics and a Product-Market Matrix for Strategic Planning. Ali Mashayekhi
21_51 Why Customer Choose Your Product. Rutger Mooy
21_55 Dairy Policy and Price Volatility. Charles F.Nicholson
07_02 Simulation of the business firm using several different princing approaches. Malcolm Brady


20_4 Coordination Between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy by Means of a Model of Dynamic Simulation. Carlos Alvarez Sierra.
20_35 Savings-Investments Model in Egypt. Cherine Mohamed Morsi.
20_44 Use of Financial System Dynamics Models in Local Government. David Rees.
20_45 A Historical Fit of a Model of the US Long Wave. Alexander V.Ryzhenkov.
21_5 Models for National Planning. Gerald Barney
21_31 Modern Electronics: Teaching Economics to High School Students with a System Dynamics Simulator. Gary Hirsch
21_44 Industry Evolution: A Dynamic Behavioral Model. Martin Kunc
21_47 On the Confounding of Overshoot and Collapse Predictions by Economic Dynamics. Corey Lofdahl
21_53 System Thinking and Economics Teaching. Alfredo Moscardini
07_01 Propuesta del modelo financiero para el sistema de Tarjetas de Crédito. Ivonne Andrea Ruiz
30_327 A System Dynamics Approach to a Chemist's Inventory and Finance Management. Armenia, Stefano with Francesco Torino, Luigi Torino, Riccardo Onori, Alessandro Signorini.


19_6 Applying System Dynamics To Scenario Based Software Project Management. Marcio Oliveira Barros
19_14 The Rotten Mango: The Effect Of Corruption On International Development Projects. Richard Dudley
20_30 Integrative Mechanisms in New Product Development Projects: Effect of Project Complexity on Project Performance: A System Dynamics Approach. Reda Lebcir.
20_43 Dynamics of Schedule Presure in Software Projects. Veerendra K.Rai.
21_24 Understanding Schedule Unreliability: A Case Study of a Facility-Tooling Project. Nuno Gil
16_01 Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration. David Ford.
17_20 Simulação dinâmica de modelos operacionais com enfoque aplicado à engenharia de projetos. João Batista Filho.
17_21 Los índices de costos de calidad, una herramienta estratégica para el éxito de los poryectos. Rubén Gómez Sánchez.
30_297 Embedding Game-Theoretic Concepts into System Dynamics Models: The Case of Complementary Products Development. Adamides, Emmanuel with Nikolaos Pomonis, Yeoryios Stamboulis.
30_335 Using Simulations to Define the Product Development Strategy Expected to Achieve the Shortest Time to Profitability. Boyer, Jeffrey with John Elter
30_290 Chu, Feedback Loops and Policy Scenarios in The Chinese Private Vehicle Demand Model . Ted with Changming Xu, Weishuang Qu, Ming Liu
30_318 Perception of Information Value Production of Influence Diagrams versus Level-Rate Models: The Opinion of Decision-Makers . Cloutier, Martin with Felix Gaudet-Dumais
30_234 Keep on Rolling: Understanding the Migration Dynamics of a Large Railway Improvement Project. Curram, Stephen with David Exelby, Jocelyn Lovegrove
30_167 System Dynamics Student Projects as Quality Improving Process. Gonzalez, José with Agata Sawicka


19_29 System Dynamics Practice In A Non-Ideal World: Modelling Defence Preparedness. Alan Mc. Lucas
21_9 Using Simulation to Produce a Data Fusion Decision Support Tool for the Assessment of Manmade and Natural Disasters. Donald Brown
21_16 Extreme Event Agenda Setting and Decision Making. Michael Deegan
21_35 System Dynamic Modeling of Engineered Landfill Covers. Jacob Jacobson
08_04 An Analysis of Tokaimura Nuclear Criticality Accident: A system approach. Shigehisa Tsuchiya


21_30 Economic Dynamics of R&D: Analysis of Technology and Development. Olli-Pekka Hilmola
19_8 The Opportunity Cost Of Solving Problems: The Role Of Testing In Product Development. Laura Black


20_33 Growing Vacationland by Retaining and Attracting Knowledge Workers. Michael Montagna.
20_37 Air Traffic Controller Manpower Planning Modeling: A Learning Platform for Understanding the Staffing Process. Cees Niesing.
21_8 Managing Intellectual Capital through Interactive Learning Environments Based on System Dynamics and Accounting Models. Carmine Bianchi
21_17 Building a Theory of Open Online Collaboration Using System Dynamics. Vedat Diker
20_3 Autorregressive Models and System Dynamics: A Case Study for the Labor Market in Spain.
30-395 Operational Labor Productivity Model. Fulenwider, Margaret with Philip Helmes, Mohammad Mojtahedzadeh, Roderick MacDonald


19_1 Power Plant Performance: Identification Of A Relationship Between Availability, Reliability And Productivity. Mahmoud Ajami
19_15 Bounded Rationality In The SD Approach For Energy Modelling. Isaac Dyner
19_30 Value And Risk Evaluation Of Power Projects: A System Dynamics Approach. Marciano Morozowski
20_5 A System Dynamics Model to Analyze Investments in Power Generation in Colombia. Santiago Arango.
20_28 Alternative Modeling Approaches: A Case Study in the Oil and Gas Industry. Scott T. Johnson.
20_36 Repeated Overshoot and Collapse Behavior: An Example from the Petroleum Industry. Paul Newton.
20_38 Modeling the Dynamic Complexity of the Energy Policymaking Process. Stella Maris Oggianu.
21_25 A System Dynamics View of an Island Energy System. Paraskevas Gravouniotis
08_01 Simulation for alternative regulations in the power-supply industry. Lessons for California. Isaac Dyner.
08_02 The problem of managing a hydroelectric power plant: an approach based on traditional techniques and System Dynamics. Marciano Morozowski
08_04 An Analysis of Tokaimura Nuclear Criticality Accident: A system approach. Shigehisa Tsuchiya
08_05 Simulating the Patterns of Power Plant Construction in Califormia
08_06 Strategy and Risk Management in Electricity Trading. C.J. Franco
17_01 Power Plant Performance. Identification of the relationship between availability, reliability and productivity. Mahmoud Ajami.
17_14 Modelling for policy support in the Colombian electricity market. Isaac Dyner
17_15 Simulation for policy assessment of rationally-bounded energy-use, in competitive markets Isaac Dyner


20_2 Optimal Neural Feedback Control for Carbon Tax Policy Gauging in Transportation. Angelo Allessandri
20_46 SIMTRANS (Freight Transportation Simulation Model) Patrice Salini.
20_47 Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Environmentally Sustainable Scenarios by a Backcasting Approach with ESCOT (Economic assessment of Sustainability Policies of Transport). Burkhard Schade.
21_37 A System Dynamics Model of the Development Cycle for Future Mobility Vehicles. Taewoo Kang
16_01 Effects of Constructibility Reviews on Highway Project Duration. David Ford.


20_29 System Dynamics Model Development of the Canary Islands for Supporting Strategic Public Decisions. Miroljub Kljajic
15_01 Managing side effects of cultural tourism development. The case of Zhouzhuang. Xu Honggang
15_02 Cyprus Tourism. Environment, Profitability & Sustainability Dynamics Nicholas Georgantzas
15_03 Modelos de desarrollo turistico sostenible. Margarita Flores Esquivel.
15_04 Issues for Snowmobile Tourism. Anil B. Jambekam
17_03 Using System Dynamics Methodology to analyze the Economic Impact of Tourism Multipliers. Mohamed Lotfi



21_46 Models of Attitude and Belief Change from the Perspective of System Dynamics.. Ralph Levine
21_56 Dynamics of a System as a Process of Realization of its Potential. Grigorii Pushnoi.
21_62 Geniusys: Systematically Developing Genius. Rohita Singh


19_2 An SD Approach For Assessing An Eventual Peace Process In Colombia. Carlos Ariza
19_14 The Rotten Mango: The Effect Of Corruption On International Development Projects. Richard Dudley
21_28 Modeling Human Behavior as a Factor in the Dynamics of an Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague. John Heinbokel.
21_34 Development of a Simulator for Social Dynamics and Agent-Based Models. Kazunari Ishida
21_45 Dyadic Dynamics in Interpersonal Cycles. Harold Kurstedt
04_03 Análisis Sistémico. Su aplicación a las comunidades humanas. José Alfonso Delgado
17_07 Testing the use of a System Dynamics Model for Improving Public Participation. Case Las Vegas Water System. Sarah Williams Cloud
17_19 The Vicious Circle of: The Rules of Law, Law & Order Policies and Erosion of Democracy Mario deSantis
17_22 Análisis Sistémico. Su aplicación a las comunidades humanas. José Alfonso Delgado.


04_01 El Multiconector. Un modelo para la enseñanza de las ciencias. Maria Gregori y Henri Alegria
21_40 A Comparison of the Application of Performance Indicators, System Dynamics Models and the Holon Framework to Quality Assessment. Michael Kennedy.
21_52 Peer Influence en Educational Reform. Don Morris
17_11 Macro regional economic development from micro-level partnerships between the higher education and business sectors. DJW Arthur


19_25 Physician Decisions As A Source Of Variation In Chronic Disease Outcomes. Paul E. Johnson
20_8 System Dynamics Applied to Epidemics. Raul Bagni.
21_1 The Obesity Problem. Is it a State In Mind ? Tarek Abdel-Hamid
21_6 Simulating Health and Social Care Delivery. Steffen Bayer
21_15 Are you Mad to Go for Surgery? Risk assessment for Transmission of CJD via Surgical Instruments. Stephen Curram
21_27 Dynamic Process Management towards Sustained Compliance and Benefit Clinical Research. Rita Hattemer-Apostel
21_28 Modeling Human Behavior as a Factor in the Dynamics of an Outbreak of Pneumonic Plague. John Heinbokel.
13_01 Modelling Home Care Services to Identify Service Shortfalls. Carmen Hust
13_02 Treatment Strategies for the Management of Chronic Illness. Is Specialization Always Better? Peter Veazie
13_03 HDS Health Department Simulator. Habib Sedehi
13_04 Evolution and Trends About Number of Physicians in Spain: Dynamic Analisis. Mª Isabel Alonso
13_05 Modelling the Emergence of Multidrug Antibiotic Resistance. Jack Homer
13_06 Building an Integrated High School Curriculum Focused on the Biology and History of Smallpox. John Heinbokel
13_07 Epidemiologia matemática. Aprendiendo por contagio. Gustavo A. Juarez
13_08 Modelo basico para la simulación de la respuesta del organismo frente a la ingestión reiterada de un tóxico. Mario G. Pérez

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